Here are some things you should remember about web design

These key elements can transform your website design project from a simple visual refresh into a full-fledged transformation.

Web site glow up essentials

Many people think that website redesign is just a visual refresh. But a true “glow up” is more than a new look. It’s a complete transformation.

It’s like applying an artistic filter to a picture of your house and calling it remodel. If you focus only on the visual aspects of your website redesign, you are missing the point. Important to remember — appearance is only part of the overall glow up process.

You want your website to shine. Think beyond the visuals. Address these key elements.

Website redesign goals

If you don’t have a goal, you won’t be able to hit it. Consider why the overhaul is needed, and then use these reasons to create a clear purpose for your revamp.

Let’s suppose your website isn’t getting enough organic traffic. You decide to redesign it to fix this problem. Although this is a valid reason to redesign your site, you should make it more specific. For example, you could shift your purpose to design a site with built-in SEO features to increase organic traffic by 20% by the end of Q4.

Website Conversion Matters

Other goals for website redesign include improving conversions, website performance, and showcasing a new brand. Before you start the website redesign process, it is important to clearly define your goals.

Webson, a provider of customer relationship management software (CRM), wanted to shine their branding glow up. They worked with Ish Studio on redesigning the Webflow site. Webson wanted to redesign their brand to be minimalistic and clear to match their business model and improve the user experience.

Webson wanted to create a more engaging user experience by using a cleaner and more intuitive design. The site now has a simpler look and animated icons. There is also a price calculator. Mission accomplished.

Website functionality and performance improved

A glow up is more than just a transformation of the skin. It’s like Instagram versus real life. While a filter may make you look fit, it will not give you the endurance to run a marathon. You can transform your website by going beyond design to address core functionality and performance.

Website redesigns that are successful include features that improve the user experience. Don’t make your website look prettier; make it more user-friendly. Incorporate accessibility features such as captioned videos and detailed alt text for images. To make it easier for people to find what they are looking for, you should build a stronger search function. Include key information in your homepage and navigation bar.

Website functionality is important for your team. Consider how you can streamline processes like publishing blog posts, creating new pages, and updating images. This could mean that you need to rethink how your website is powered, from the platform on which it runs to the person who executes it.

Glow ups – Let’s get real

You can only go so far with your looks. You can’t do web design like painting a house. To make your website better, think strategically about what you can do to improve it.

You can get all the elements of a great glow-up with us. Get started building your functional and beautiful site today.

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